Promoter Testimonials

Why UVBA ?

My first encounter with UVBA was towards end of November 2016 leading into December where they were prepping for potential promoters work at Cresta’s Festive Campaign in December. I was a student at the time and I was informed about this promotion job by a friend. We worked throughout the whole of December as Festive Brand Ambassadors where we assist shoppers and show them around the Centre and encouraging them to participate in the activities offered. This was very challenging as the hours were long but the job was very excited I had fun every minute of it we also worked closely with the Marketing Team from Cresta Centre Management Staff of which I knew nothing about “Centre Management” existences. Which made me see life in a rather broader way as I now wished to work alongside the team in the office. Furthermore, I then got an opportunity to work for most of UVBAs promotion events one being the Rugby Match at Ellis Park where we worked as a directional hostess at the Stadium, which was pretty exciting and having to attend a match for free. After have worked on A few Promotion Events for UVBA I was then called to work at Cresta as a Customer Liason (Cresta Customer Brand Amabassador). Where I was then introduced to the corporate life. We worked alongside the Centre Marketing Team where we would deal with Customer Comments, Complaints, queries etc. We would also assist with Cresta’s Campaigns and Store related issues. This was in 2018. In the same year, I was then requested to assist in the Marketing Office where I was managing Cresta’s Social Media information, office related issues and a lot of reporting. Currently working as a Marketing Assistant for Cresta where I deal with all the Store issues, meetings, assistant on Managing the Brand Ambassadors, planning future campaigns, working alongside our PR Team etc. As a person who is part of Generation Z and also working in The Corporate Industry, I have never been more eager to learn and take a challenge in the corporate world to better myself career-wise. This is a great opportunity for anyone to make use of and most of all, starting as a promoter. I have been with UVBA since 2016.

My journey with UVBA started with a shopping trip to Cresta. I saw ladies wearing pink and I wanted to be part of them. I then went up to Cresta Centre Management next thing I knew, I was a lady in pink (Festive Brand Ambassador)....Little did I know, that was the start of my retail/marketing career. After that I moved on to being a Cresta BA, then become a marketing assistant for Cresta. A pivotal moment for me was when the Cresta General Manager asked me to become the Centre's Retail manager. It was short lived but truly a rewarding experience I am now currently an Account Exec and I would have never ever gotten all these opportunities if it wasn't for UVBA

I started as a promoter while still doing my studies, Percy and Pheladi always made an effort to give me an opportunity to do any of the upcoming promotions, after working for 3 years doing promotions.I was give a part time opportunity which lead to a permanent job and within 10 months a promotion as head of my department. I don't think I would have ever gotten this opportunity if it wasn't for UVBA. I am eternally grateful for this .